A brief Intro and outline: what intarnations am I doing here?

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Back in August of 2019 my instructor, fellow grappler, polearm enthusiast, and friend Alex brought that little red book to class and was showing us some of the parry/riposte information in the middle of the book. It was fun and intuitive, because as i later found, that part is set up like a cane treatise published a few years before in the original time period of publishing. And was the one that i began my HEMA career with, the author of that was Louis Leboucher, and his theory of cane in 25 lessons is cited by Cerri in this book!

After class I perused the pages and saw the 42 lessons he shows in the first part and thought about Jogo do Pao which to date was the only similar thing i knew of at the time. I had been inkling toward more grappling and single handed sword styles. The stick stuff I was beginning to look into was Joachim Meyer’s 1570 polearm section, but after this I bought a copy so I could help Alex in learning and helping to instruct as Meyer was personal study so it got de-prioritized.

By October I was flabbergasted that I really couldn’t find any supplemental information on him or the system and what it looked like. I managed to find a couple old drills on tape from the book curator above and a Hungarian saber teacher with an incomplete list of the 42 lessons on film and interpreted. These were the basis of my own list of videos interpreting all 42 molinelli.

But that was after stewing almost all winter playing with the movements and figuring out Cerri’s somewhat confusing at times directions. The pandemic managed to come at a time to give me an opportunity to put my interpretations on film. And what I have, I am happy with from a gross motor perspective. I know I have a while until I can get smooth and ideal but that is the goal. On the topic of goals, Let me speak to those.

Here is was I am aiming to do here:

1) Promote This treatise, I love it and think it’s extremely valuable, I don’t want to see it remain dormant any longer.

2) Reconstruct the material presented, record interpretations for actions in the book.

3) Deep Dive and explore Cerri’s own ideas he mentions, like Bastone handling and how he says it comes from Achille Marozzo!
4) Experiment! Cerri says that he can only cover a portion of bastone fencing, and wished for others to expand where he couldn’t. As a hobbyist i want to develop some of these aspects personally and develop my own more well rounded style. There be Dragons for sure!

So more to come, I hope to have a few more posts out outlining some Fundamentals of the content soon. Cheers

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